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What are People doing over Winter Break?

By: Katia Campos, Reporter ‘22

As this pandemic rages on, students have found themselves forced to remain indoors for long periods. With the holiday season approaching swiftly, it leaves us all to wonder: What’s going on during this winter break? Presumably, we are all to get more sleep, but aside from the casual eating and cat naps that will most certainly take place, what else is going to be happening amongst the FCS community?

Well, the community can answer that. While being safe and socially distant Casper Hoffmann ‘21 says, “I’ll most likely stay home the whole time, spending time with my family, relaxing,...and playing video games with friends.”

Mushroom Snow, Photo credits: Adele Goldade

A majority of the community is willing to do the same. Day’Mon Wimberly ‘22 says, “I’ll probably be watching movies with my family and drinking hot chocolate.” Ending his survey with a very powerful statement, he said, “We all need a relaxing end of the year.” His words prove to be very true and an incredibly necessary state of mind as this stressful year comes to a close. While we are watching movies, being with family, keeping friends in the light, and making sure we have plenty of hot chocolate to survive the chilly season, our very own Editor of FOCUS, Sophia David ‘21, states the activity she will engage in while staying safe and warm: “[I’ll be doing] lots of puzzles! It's something my whole family really likes to do together, and it's always a nice feeling of accomplishment.” And while we are on the subject of accomplishment, a student who asked to remain anonymous plans to catch up with their baking skills, planning on surprising a very special person with an amazing baked good!

While the holiday season invites a major opportunity to catch up on some very well-deserved sleeping, some seniors plan on making sure their college essays are complete and unique.

While some are catching up on some work, others are focused on making sure they stay fit by running, practicing, and playing a few sports. It is important to make sure we are all healthy and do not come back to class with the case of the holiday-itis.

As this short article is coming to a close, FOCUS is reminded constantly, by nearly every response to the Google form, the importance of family. Spencer Thorne ‘22 plans to make a short film with his family; Margot Sissell plans on doing Christmas activities with her family; and Phoebe Rotondo ‘21 plans on making gingerbread houses, spending time with her family, and even getting a tattoo!

This year certainly isn’t the most ideal, but by looking at what everyone says, it seems like everything is going to be okay. The holidays, no matter your beliefs or faith, are all stressful, happy, relaxing, and during a pandemic, a little claustrophobic for everybody. Yet, everyone is adapting. As a student at FCS, I say thank you to the marvelous teachers and staff who, odds are, are juggling practical torches. Thank you for trying to make us happy, telling us jokes, keeping us engaged, and making sure to check on us every now and then. It takes both students and teachers to make school, but it takes amazing teachers and staff, who go out of their ways, to make a community. Have a calm happy holiday. Also, please be on the lookout for the FCS Tiny Desk Concert!

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