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From reporter to layout head, from photographer to editor, every member of the Focus staff brings his or her talent and dedication to the table for each edition, thus making the publication a splendid one. To learn more about any staff member, simply click on his or her picture.


    Sophia David '21


The FOCUS staff in 2019, gathering safely just before the COVID-19 pandemic emerged


Editor-in-Chief: Sophia David

Associate Editor: Max Marinelli

Coordinator of Internal Relations: Natalie Neuhaus

Senior Photographer: 

Head of Layout and Design:



Faculty Advisors: Kathleen Dickerson and Thomas Soper

Honorary Mentor: 

    Max Marinelli '20

    Associate Editor

    Natalie Neuhaus '21

 Coordinator of Internal Relations

    Thomas Soper

 Faculty Advisor

   Kathleen Dickerson

 Faculty Advisor

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