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At the age of fourteen, Vicky Liu left her native country of China to study in the United States. Soon after her arrival in America in 2017, Vicky joined the Focus Staff in October 2017 as a news and features reporter. In August 2018, she was selected to serve as the inaugural Coordinator of International Relations. As Coordinator of Internal Relations, Vicky ensures all logistical aspects of the inner-workings of Focus run smoothly. She serves as a liaison between the reporters and the editor, maintains a comprehensive database of meeting minutes, and helps to program staff bonding excursions and professional development opportunities. As a reporter, Vicky relishes the opportunities she gets to hear the stories of a wide range of people within the school community. In addition to her work in Focus, Vicky is a member of the Friends’ central class of 2020, loves mathematics, and aspires to become a doctor.

Personal Message & Writer's Statement:

Thanks for reading my work. I also appreciate any comments that you leave. If you want to read more of the interesting articles which I wrote last year for FOCUS, they are on this page!

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